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Invitation to the Region 4 meeting for July 19-20, 2019

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23rd Annual CanAm Classic

May 3-4, 2019

Doubletree by Hilton Toronto Airport West Hotel

5444 Dixie Road
Mississauga, Ontario L4W 2L2
Phone 905-624-1144
(1 block south of the 401)

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Early Bird registration (before April 1/19) $120 Cdn
Registration (after April 1/19) $135 Cdn


ALLAN BANKS - NS  Harbour Breezes Daylilies
KAROL EMMERICH - MN  Springwood Gardens
JAMIE GOSSARD  - OH Heavenly Gardens
MIKE GROSSMAN -  MNNorthern Lights Daylilies
RICH HOWARD - CT unable to attend ... replaced by:
DAVE MUSSAR - ONHillside Daylilies
KATHLEEN NORDSTROM - MNNorthern Lights Daylilies

Printable Agenda (as of May 1)

Optional Friday evening dinner at
(across the street)

Speakers Friday evening and
all day Saturday
Lunch included on Saturday
Optional banquet on Saturday night
Plant Sale, Live Auction, Silent Auction,
Chinese Auction and lots of fun!

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ODS Popularity Poll 2018

ROSE F KENNEDY (Doorakian, 2007)

Click here for winners over the years.


These three contests (listed below) are open to ODS members.

All ODS members will have the opportunity to vote ONLINE for each contest. Entries will be posted on the ODS website by February 28 and ODS members will be sent the links to the ballots. The deadline for submitting votes will be March 30.


There are 7 classes:

  • Miniature – flowers < 3” in diameter
  • Small – flowers > 3” but < 4 ½” in diameter
  • Large – flowers > 4.5” but < 7” in diameter
  • Extra Large – flowers > 7” in diameter (new this year)
  • Doubles
  • Spiders
  • Unusual Form

Click here to see the entries for the Lycett award.

Voting closed for 2019

2018 BEST SCAPE AWARD (new this year)

This contest focuses on the scape, NOT the flower - a good daylily should have a well branched scape with lots of buds. This could be done as a physical scape brought to a meeting or as a photo. Since the summer is past, for this year we will use photos - a good photo that shows the branching well.

Click here to see the entries for the Scape and Photo Contests.

Voting closed for 2019

2018 PHOTO CONTEST (new this year)

ODS is offering awards for photos in these three categories: Landscape, Individual Plant, Artistic Rendering.
All will require some aspect of a daylily or garden with daylilies included.
LANDSCAPE should show at least one daylily plant in a photogenic scene ideally highlighting your own gardens.
INDIVIDUAL PLANT should focus on one plant - a clump, single fan, scape in bloom or single blossom.
ARTISTIC often is an image of a blossom with bugs or frogs or something that gives the viewer a sense of "Ahh isn't that interesting!". It can be ANYTHING that is a good photo that inspires interest and may or may not center on a daylily but must include a daylily as a significant part of the image.

The photos will be adjudicated for appropriateness and may be rejected or reclassified. The winning photo in each category will be the one that receives the most votes from members in an online poll.

Click here to see the entries for the Scape and Photo Contests.

Voting closed for 2019




photo from Gryphon Gardens website

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